Frequently Asked Questions


Cardiology/pathology/nuclear diagnostic testing bills - I have never seen or heard of this doctor, who is he/she?

Bills for diagnostic testing are from hospital based physician groups. These physician groups have a contract with the hospital to perform interpretations of laboratory, nuclear, or cardiology tests performed at the hospital. Your attending physician orders diagnostic tests and results of the interpretation rendered by the reading physician are sent to the ordering physician for purposes of making a diagnosis.

Why are there duplicate charges on my bill?

Procedures may be performed multiple times on the same date of service. It is appropriate for the physician to code and bill all services rendered.

Bill Details

What is this bill for?

Under the word "statement" there is a description of the services that were performed. This will not include any hospital charges or charges from other physicians.

Why did I receive your bill when I already received a bill from the hospital?

When a physician or physician group is not employed by the hospital, they can bill separately for their services.

Why do I have a balance?

You may have a co-pay or a deductible which has not been met. Review the explanation of benefits from your insurance company. If no participating contract exists, the patient is responsible for the balance regardless of the usual and customary rates.

Insurance Information

Why didn't my insurance pay?

Your insurance company is the best source of information on how the claim was processed for payment. Alternately, contact the billing office for information.

Why didn't I receive an explanation of benefits from my insurance company?

If you have not received an explanation of benefits, contact your insurance carrier. If they have not received the claim, please contact our office because we may need updated or more accurate insurance information to file the claim.

I gave all of my insurance information at the time of service. Why are you asking for it again?

The most common reason we request insurance information is because we have received incomplete or inaccurate insurance information from the hospital.

Why is it my responsibility to contact my insurance company for status?

In situations where there is no contract between an insurance carrier and the provider, you are ultimately responsible for payment of your bill. The contract is between the insurance carrier and the patient. We make every attempt to file a complete claim to your insurance company, but they may require additional information from the patient.